Different iPhone app Status on iTunes Connect for new app

Posted: August 8, 2011 in iPhone

Waiting for Upload – you’ve completed entering your metadata, however, you have not finished uploading your binary or have chosen to upload your binary at a later time. Your app must be in the Waiting For Upload state before you can deliver your binary through Application Loader.

Prepare For Upload – you have created a new version of your app, but you have not yet clicked the Ready to Submit Binary button to deliver your binary through Application Loader.

Upload Received – your binary has been received through Application Loader but has not yet completed processing by the iTunes Connect system.

Invalid Binary – your binary has been received through Application Loader, has been processed, but did not meet all requirements for upload. Examples of an invalid binary are: your binary icon does not meet our requirements, you have placed the payload directory at the wrong level in the .app wrapper, you attempted to use a non-increasing CFBundleVersion, etc. You will receive an email if your app is in this state, detailing what you need to do to fix your binary for re-submission.

Missing Screenshot (for iOS apps only) – your app is missing a required screenshot for iPhone and iPod touch or iPad for your default language app or for your added localizations. At least one screenshot is required for both iPhone and iPod touch and for iPad if you are submitting a universal app.

Waiting for Review – your binary has been uploaded to Apple and is in the App Review queue waiting to be reviewed.

Waiting for Export Compliance – your CCATS is in review for export compliance.

In Review – your binary is currently being reviewed by Apple. You have the option to remove your binary from the App Review queue by clicking Reject Binary.

Pending Contract – your contracts have not been finalized therefore your app will not be live on the App Store until your contracts are complete.

Pending Developer Release – your app version has been approved by Apple and you have turned on the Version Release Control, but have not yet clicked Send Version Live. You should also see a pending action symbol on the version. Your version will remain in this state, and thus will not be live on the App Store until you click Send Version Live.

Processing for App Store – your version is being processed to go live on the App Store. Once the processing is complete, the version state will change to Ready for Sale. This is a very temporary state.

Ready for Sale – your app is ready to go live on the App Store on the available date listed for your Rights and Pricing setting. If the available date has already passed, the app will be live on the App Store. You have the option to remove your app from sale by visiting the Rights and Pricing page and removing app App Store territories.

Rejected – your submitted binary was not approved. Click Ready to Submit Binary to begin the binary submission process again once you are ready to submit your corrected binary.

Removed from Sale – your app has been removed from the App Store. You will need to contact iTunes Connect Support to determine why your app was removed.

Developer Rejected – you have rejected your own app from the review process. Developer rejecting your app removes your app from the review queue and the app review process will start over from the beginning once you resubmit your binary.

Developer Removed from Sale – you have removed your app from sale on the App Store.

Pending iOS Release – your app version will be held until the corresponding iOS or Mac OS version is released to the public.


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