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Game maker Rovio Mobile appeared on stage at Google I/OWednesday to show off the newest version of Angry Birds:Angry Birds for the web.

Built using WebGL and using local-caching for offline access, the full Angry Birds experience will be available in the browser.

Rovio will offer the game via the Chrome Web Store, although it appears likely that the game will be accessible in other browsers too. Rovio has designed a few Chrome-specific levels of Angry Birds featuring Chrome graphics for blocks and bombs.

The Mighty Eagle in-app purchase, which made its debut on iOS, will be coming to the Chrome version ofAngry Birds, using the new Google Payments in-app purchase feature in the Chrome Web Store.

The game is available now here. Are you excited about playing Angry Birds in the browser? Let us know!


Behance, the network for creative professionals, has added a new tool to the creative’s arsenal.

ProSite is a simple as drag-and-drop way to create truly stunning online portfolios. Projects in these portfolios will be linked to other sites in the Behance network, such as LinkedIn, AIGA and AdWeek.

To get started, a designer (or illustrator, or director, or tattoo artist, etc.) uploads traditional or multimedia projects to Behance. Once the Behance projects have been created, you can choose a layout from the ProSites library — and layouts are customizable, so no two sites need look alike.

Once your projects and layouts are set up, just drag and drop your projects into your new portfolio site as you want them to appear. You can then adjust the sizes of the project thumbnails, switch up the margins, pick your own colors and (best of all, in our opinion), select from a roster of gorgeous web-friendly fonts for your site.

You can add unlimited galleries and extra pages (such as Contact and About pages) to the site, and you can post it on your own custom URL, if you like. The ProSite-made portfolio will integrate well with social media tools, and anything you add to your Behance projects will automatically get pushed to the portfolio site without your having to lift a finger.

Once it’s finished, Behanced charges $11 per month to publish and host the site — a pretty sweet deal and one that’s highly competitive. There are no ads on any ProSite portfolio.

Behance CEO Scott Belsky said ProSite is “the best thing we’ve ever built,” and he doesn’t think the new tools will be much of a money-maker for his bootstrapped and profitable company. This is just a feature the creative communities have been requesting for some time, he said Friday in a conversation at Mashable Connect. For real revenue opportunities, Belsky is looking toward the opening of Behance’s API, slated for later this year.

Check out the video and images below, and you can see more examples here.

top image courtesy of iStockphoto 

Sony has announced that it has just restored some PlayStation Network services after hackers forced Sony to take it down.

The announcement was made by Sony Corporation Executive Deputy President Kazuo Hirai. “The services are being restored in phases, and I am pleased to say that the first phase has been launched in most regions around the world,” Hirai said in a video statement.

Sony rebuilt the entire PlayStation Network following a breach of its security that resulted in the compromise of 24.6 million user accounts. The changes are being delivered in a new system update that is restoring online gaming and Qriocity services.

“We have greatly updated our data security systems,” Hirai noted in the video statement. “These changes were the result of an intensive investigation aided by some of the most respected forensic and security experts in the computer industry.” Those changes include more advanced security technology, advanced levels of encryption, additional firewalls and better early-warning systems, he said.

In addition to enhancing security, Sony is also giving PlayStation Network and Qriocity customers a free month of service. And while these measures are a good start, Sony has a lot of work to do to regain user trust. “Please know that we’re doing everything we can to fully restore network service around the world and to regain your trust in the days, weeks and months to come,” Hirai stated.

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